Monday, December 31, 2007


I am having a hard time getting the page to load when I click on a comment, so although I have read them (in my inbox), it takes forever or it's impossible to reply to one!
So, I will just say to Michelle: closets, drawers, and cabinets? WOW! I'm impressed. I haven't even finished with ONE ROOM yet! Started the tree house yet?
And to Teresa: Trust me, you don't WANT me to come clean off your desk! What was not in that picture was the box full of stuff that came off the desk and still doesn't have a home of it's own. :o) I hope you are feeling at least somewhat better?


legendaryabundance said...

Well to be honest, the only reason all that was accomplished was that dad was home to be the slave driver :) He's super organized and encourages us to be as well. (you'd think after 22 years of marriage he'd know "super organized" is like kryptonite to me!!) So - we all worked together and he helped us ALOT!!

Teresa said...

I can relate to the box of stuff... I have boxes of stuff surrounding my overloaded desk! Starting to think about a burn barrel of my very own. ;)