Monday, December 31, 2007

Erinn took this pic by standing behind

Alex and reaching over her head to put

the camera upside down in front of her face. ;o)

Friday: Alex and Erinn were feeling sick, and so we cancelled our plans to send Alex home with GB and Loy who were going right through Hico Saturday.
Instead, Mum surprised us by coming to get Alex that very evening. Not only that, but she stopped in Fredericksburg and got groceries for us, thereby saving us a dreaded trip to town. (THANKS MUM!) She and Gabby spent the night and left the next morning at 7:30.

Saturday: butchered 15 more of the broilers. They are starting to put on fat now, so I got that done none too soon. Got almost NO WORK DONE in the bedroom.

Diamond in the wagon.

Sunday: Kris "caught" (with a .22) the 4 rogue roosters that have been terrorizing the hens, and producing all sorts of genetically inferior offspring. Also, he "caught" one of the Danish Brown Leghorns that is way beyond laying age. So, I had 5 chickens to butcher. They were tough to do compared to the broilers! Smaller, for one thing. So, I put them all immediately into my large cheese pot and cooked them with onions, celery, and carrots for about 5 hours. Delicious broth for future recipes.

We went to the arena and the school in Harper and messed around trying to figure out how the settings work on the metal detector works... but since someone lost the manual we did not figure it out.
Got a little work done in the black hole - the second corner is finished! Two to go.... *sigh* ...will I ever finish this project?

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