Friday, December 21, 2007

I could cry...

...heck, I think I did cry!

Erinn found what she thought was a blank video and recorded over it. Guess what WAS on that video tape?

Recordings of the kids when they were 2 and 6. Mooky had no front teeth! So cute. We saw the first few minutes of it, then it switched to the movie she recorded, but the quality of the tape was so bad that we couldn't watch it.

Which means, all those precious old "family movies" are deteriorating and something must be done about it! But what?

And not only that but our video camera has been out of commision for two years and that means I am missing out on recording some wonderful childhood memories. So, we either need to get the video camera fixed, and record onto the same old tapes that dont last forever. OR, we need a new video camera. Digital? What will produce the longest lasting memories? Can someone help us decide what we need to start saving for?


Teresa said...

Go DIGITAL! You can record and burn the recordings to CD. You can put them up on PhotoBucket to share with family. So many more options with digital.

The prices have come down ALOT on digital camera that do both still and movies. Check out the collection at - they have an excellent selection and great prices.

Earlier this year, we finally bought a digital video by Vivitar (DVR-530). Now, if I could only get time to use the darn thing! Here is a direct link to the newer model DVR-550 at Buy.Com ($112.99):

Hope that helps!

FourMileFarm said...

ooooooh!! They aren't as expensive as I thought! Thanks for the link!

Here are a couple of randomly clueless questions:
1. Do you have to have a cd burner?
2. Do you put some kind of little disk thingie in it? Mini-cd? WHAT are those things called? (See, I told you I was clueless!)

Teresa said...

Actually, they record to a digital chip or a memory card inside the camera. You may have seen these cards (XD or SD) for regular digital cameras. To download recordings, you hookup your camera via a USB cable to your computer. The camera will come with a CD that has the software on it to allow you to modify the recordings.
To save the image off your computer onto a CD, you will just need a CD drive in your system that has read/write (CD-RW). You can also upload the recording to PhotoBucket and if someone else you know has a CD-RW, they can save it to CD for you.
Does that make sense?