Thursday, December 13, 2007

Links, etc.

Hey, Kiwi has a link to a contest too! Go check it out!

Well, I got the Vision Forum Banner up on the right and today is the LAST day to order and receive an instant rebate.

Mooky had a MUCH better day today! And the weather was so nice. We got 10 more chickens butchered, and the kids played outside for hours. It's amazing how rarely that has happened lately. Mooky just hasn't felt like playing, period. This afternoon we mailed some MNAF (click there to learn about Michael New) packages at the PO in Harper, then we went to Erinn's friend's house to pick up a goat that we are borrowing for the goat show. It's a Tiffany X Splash kid, so she is half LaMancha, half Nubian, (and that is why I sold her!) but has EXCELLENT conformation.

GB is able to sleep in her bed again! So, she called and said Kris could go pick up his chair. He is asleep in it and I suspect he is going to give it a warm welcome home by sleeping there half the night! That recliner does not look that comfy since it has wooden arms, but it is the MOST comfy chair ever.

I've only gotten 2 to 3 pounds of milk from Mad Cow the past two days. I really haven't seen her hanging out along the fence line where Aileas can stick her head through and nurse, so I am wondering if the young heifer that is on the FAR far back fence line might be pulling the same stunt? Weird. And annoying.

Hershey, who was really sick yesterday, is better today. Somewhat. Not well enough that I plan on taking her to the show though. Erinn is disappointed about that, but she understands that it would be too hard on Hershey, and we can't risk it even if she seems well by then. So, we just need to clip #1 tomorrow, since we didn't get it done today like we should have...

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