Sunday, December 09, 2007


Kiwi, did yall teach this dog to sit? She is super intelligent, and here is a picture of her "meeting" #1. She is pretty good about leaving the chickens alone. Sometimes I think she's chasing them, but she claims she was "just following!" She's never tried to actually grab one. If I see her "following" one I tell her to stop and she does.

Feeding Frenzy outside the Milk Room.

Aileas and Erinn

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Kyria said...

I'm so glad Arwen - er, Red - is doing so well! She got her super smarts from her mama. Well, coulda been her daddy, too, I just don't know him. No, we didn't teach her to sit. Around here, she would "chase" the cat, then when Blue turned on her, she'd sit and look innocent. Although sometimes she and a brother would stand over the cat and bark like crazy.