Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This is the new feeder that Kris built by scrounging together various bits and pieces. He is really good at doing things like that! The reason he needed to build a tripod feeder is because there are wild pigs and wild goats, not to mention the Barbado sheep that rightfully live out at the cabin who like to ram the feeder legs to make corn spill out. It causes all sorts of damage to the feeders out there, as well as wasting corn. So, theoretically, the barrel will just swing when the critters try to knock corn out of it, and less corn will be wasted. Then hopefully they will give up trying and not cause so much damage.

This picture of Mooky (seriously thinking about eating plastic food) is from December 6 when we went to the GI in Austin. He had to fast for 6 hours before the ultrasound, so we stopped by LBJ park near Stonewall to kill some time. This display showed various foods that people of that time period ate.

Yesterday we got most of our grocery shopping done, but of course I had to forget something... The pie ingredients. Grrrr. The kids will probably make a couple pumpkin pies, an apple pie, and a lemon meringue. So, all I really need is some pumpkin and I could get that tonight in Harper when I take the kids to their 4-H meeting.

Aileas has been looking kind of thin to me, although it is really hard to tell with all that long hair. I bought some wormer pellets at TSC yesterday and she gobbled them up happily. I am making sure that she gets plenty of hay now that there isn't so much grass. She also eats cattle pellets, and all the milk she can snitch! So, I feel sure she is getting enough to eat, and hopefully the wormer will do the trick. Both cows were together for the past several days, so last night I locked The Crazy One in the barn with the goats. I latched the gate in such a way that she couldn't get out, Aileas couldn't get in, and the goats could freely go back and forth.

We have a HUGE list of things to get done today through Saturday in order to be prepared for guests on Sunday so I won't be online much.

A spinning wheel I thought Mum might like to see.


legendaryabundance said...

It is SO lovely to have a man who is handy huh?! My hubby is going to build the kids a stilt tree-house for Christmas (we're all gonna make it a family event) This way we all spend time together :)
He's been stashing misc. pcs of scrap lumber from all our jobs for quite awhile - now I know what for :)
You sound SOOOOO busy, but SOOOO blessed.
I pray that your entire family has a HEALTHY Christmas (GLUTEN FREE:)
That you have peace and joy and love and blessings beyond compare.
Beautiful Holiday Memory making :)

Teresa said...

I bet Aileas is about to hit a growing streak and that is why she looks a little thinner. Don't worry, she'll be just fine. :) She has the best home any furry little cow could ever want! :)

FourMileFarm said...

Hey Michelle - the tree house sounds like it will be wonderful! A really fun project for the whole family. :o) I hope you can post pictures of it on your blog along the way.
Teresa - thanks so much for your comment about Aileas. I hope that's all it is! And I'm glad to hear from you! I thought you fell off the earth. lol