Monday, December 17, 2007

various things

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Yesterday Kris (look at the fire on his hand) was
burning some brush and Mad Cow kept hanging
around right by the fire as if she appreciated the warmth!
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Well, the doctor did say he wouldn't
need another tetnus shot for ten years...
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...but if he has a mishap with THIS saw,
he's going to lose an entire finger or hand!
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Erinn helped me package up the twenty chickens we have butchered so far. The rest are hens and one rooster so they are even smaller than these were. I'll try to get half of them done this week and let the rest grow a little more before butchering. I have never had a batch of Cornish grow this slowly, but it may have something to do with the cold weather and lack of time OUT of their pen eating grass and bugs, etc. At least they have all (but one) been very healthy!

With all the butchering of chickens and fingers last week, as well as getting ready for the show, we didn't get a lot of book work done. However, they were learning! More butchering practice. Dealing with bloat in a goat. Cooking meals. Kitchen upkeep while I spent extra time working outside. Laundry practice. :o) See, all those skills will come in handy one day! Like, today. :o)

  • Today we have to take Glitter back home and mail a bunch of calendars.
  • Tomorrow we have to go to town for groceries and gingerbread house supplies. I just realized the kids have NEVER gotten to make a gingerbread house because of us not wanting them to eat much candy or sugar in any form! So, now when we decide to do it, it has to be gluten free! WOW! That is going to be hard... but they are very excited!
  • Wednesday we have a 4-H meeting, and the rest of the week we get to stay home! For us, this is an UNUSUALLY busy week!

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