Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vision Forum and Amazon

I have found a way to earn a little money (hopefully) to help pay for school books and educational materials for the kids.

If you are going to order from or Vision Forum
and you get there by clicking on one of the links in this blog,
we will earn a small percentage.
So, if you already planned to order something, please do it through us!
It won't cost you anything extra, but it will benefit our "scholarship fund". :o)

Also, we have a
Special Giveaway Offer
from Vision Forum!

This offer ends on December 19 so please enter right away by leaving a comment on today's blog (Dec. 13) so I can get your name in the drawing.

The prize is: The League of Grateful Sons (DVD)

The winner will receive the DVD, shipped directly to them from Vision Forum. This contest is only available to those of you who read this blog, so you're not competing with everyone in the entire world!
I am working on getting the links set up in case someone wants to order, but in the meantime go ahead and enter the contest by leaving your comment below!


legendaryabundance said...

Count us in! I do ALOT of shopping from Amazon - I'll link through you from now on :)

Teresa said...

I don't order alot thru Amazon, but I'll definately come thru you to do it! :)
There are some other places that do similar links you might want to check out - like one we both use, Jeffers! Here's their link:
Can I be entered into your contest for the DVD? I read the story on it online and it sounds like a movie we can all learn from.

Kyria said...

Count me in!

FourMileFarm said...

Thanks so so so so much to everyone who orders through our links which arent up yet but will be ASAP. :o)
You 3 are counted in! I am just on a "butchering break" right now so I wont be able to get the links up until tonight probably.

FourMileFarm said...

And thanks Teresa for the link! You can definitely be in the contest as well.

~Cindy~ said...

ohh the dvd sounds wonderful, and thanks for linking your blog, I love blogs...
~Cindy~ aka ArkansasLady on HT