Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Michelle, your daughter would get lots of midwifery practice if you had goats! Erinn can do so much, it's amazing! And she is really good at noticing when something is "off" with one of the goats.
No babies from Belle yet, although it sounds like she is getting close.
Rio is getting pretty big, so I am sorta-kinda thinking twins now.
Neither Velvet or Rio seem to be anywhere close to delivery, so should make it to or near their due dates.
Yeah, the Little Guy sure did get a spiffy coat, huh? :o)
I don't know what in the world was wrong with Bacon, but I feel bad for not checking on him more often during this last week while I was sick. I have made sure that he was fed and watered each day by the kids, but I did not actually lay eyes on him.
OK folks, we are taking suggestions for names! The boys just need nicknames, and the girl needs something really fancy. LOL
It will be Four Mile RM8 ________________________.
RM8 is code for River/Maggie 2008, and that is how I keep up with who was born what year to which parents!
Thanks to Teresa's explicit instructions, the clippers are now working again!! It really wasn't a big deal, but my fevered brain just couldn't figure it out. So, Mooky got Buzz clipped but I didn't get a picture. *SIGH*
Gotta take them to the fairgrounds tomorrow.....

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legendaryabundance said...

mazie graze :)(play on words- tee hee) Would be cute since mom's meggie also :)