Monday, January 28, 2008

Boer babies are the cutest, sturdiest, chunkiest little things. Not especially interesting color-wise, but still...
Unfortunately these two here are NOT the brightest kids I've ever had. The girl took 2.5 days before she would nurse without my help. Somewhat understandable because of how low her mom's udder hangs.
The boy (who is now named Ice) took the exact same amount of time to figure out how to actually suck on the bottle! I'd put it in his mouth and he would just swallow whatever dripped out without actually sucking. Feedings were taking forever.
The mother is a nice goat but her udder gives me nightmares. I've been milking out the bad side to feed Ice and to keep her from getting mastitis. After all the lovely Nubian udders around here I am really spoiled!

The eggs that were in the incubator had a rough time. One time the fire in the living room got rip-roarin-hot and the temp in the incubator went up to 103*. Then, one time someone accidentally unplugged the cord and it got down to below 70* in there for who knows how long. So, I really didnt expect ANY of the eggs to hatch. BUT, three of the Maran eggs did hatch!


legendaryabundance said...

Don't ya know those chicks were breaking out thinking...."What in the world is going on here?" ;)
Somebody had some "splaining to do"
Talk about hardy - now those are SOME CHICKENS!!
Boars always remind me of the Jocks in High School ;) Big - yes..Cute..yes..Smart..not so much :)

Allie said...

Oh, I did NOT want to read that thing about coke, but now that I have, YIKES!

Teresa said...

LOL - I agree with LegendaryAbundance about Boers and Jocks! :)
Great pics of both Ice and the chicks.