Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Don't read this if...

...hearing about breeding and birthing is TMI! (Too much information.)

It's 8:00 and for some reason I am not as tired as I usually am by this time, so I thought I would post my gingerbread recipe on the gluten for punishment blog.
But first, I had to say that I found my '07 calendar! YIPPEE! "No one" knows how it got there, but it was in the pantry. Weird. Oh well, I am just glad to have it.
I went to Fiasco's Super Duper Handy Due Date Calculator and typed in the breeding dates and Erinn wrote the due dates down on the 2008 calendar for me. She did this for me last year and really enjoyed it, so I think we have a new (although strange) tradition. :o) She looks forward to kidding season as much as I do.
Here's what we've got:
Jan 8 - BELLE (sold a while back, with the agreement that we get one doe kid back.)
Jan 10 - MAGGIE (our oldest doe; for one reason or another we have never kept a doe kid from her, and now we NEED to before it's too late. She's an excellent milker. Looks big enough to have triplets.)
Jan 14 - RIO (this will be her second kidding here, and last time she just had a single doe kid. Hoping for twins this time, but it looks more like just one again.)
Jan 15 or 21 - Oatie (Karen's goat) Dana's daughter, but still much loved by us, and we are anxiously awaiting babies for their sake.)
Jan 17 - Velvet (Second freshener - can't tell if she's having one or two.)
May 6 - DANA (still nursing one twin, and supplying us with half a gallon a day.)
May 7 - DIAMOND (HOPING she'll come back in heat but it's already been over 3 weeks. Darn. I really wanted her bred to a Boer, not a Nubian. So, she was the first of two accidental breedings.)
Open - Valley (yippee she came back in heat after the accidental breeding to her uncle.)

We've got two doe kids reserved for Teresa and two for ourselves but I suppose we shouldn't be counting our chicks before they are hatched. (Or, our doe kids before they are born!)
But, while I'm at it, I'll just say that it would sure be nice to have a couple extra to sell! LOL So, between Maggie, Rio, and Velvet we need 6 doe kids. Ha.
What would be BEST though, is to not lose any does during kidding this year. Kidding Season '06 was extremely rough. Our worst ever, despite my best efforts and not something I care to repeat!


Teresa said...

Oh boy - the kids are coming VERY SOON!

Maybe Maggie with have enough doe kids for both of us to have one. :) Oh, how I hoped Rio would have twins this round - drat! Maybe she's just hiding them well...? Velvet should have spots - lots of spots. :D Think "doe kids".

Anxiously watching! :)

FourMileFarm said...

Better yet, Maggie needs to have triplet spotted doe kids! LOL She may well have triplets too - I just hope they arent all boys! She is so huge. I feel so sorry for her. I dont even turn her out in the back pasture any more because she wobbles along slowly, unable to keep up with the herd.

legendaryabundance said...

Wow - I can remember feeling like that right at the end myself :)
No triplets though (thank you Lord ;)
Sending all the "happy baby doe kids" thoughts your way :)

Teresa said...

Any word on Belle yet??? Today was her due date.

How is Rio doing?

Is Velvet going to make it to her due date?