Saturday, January 05, 2008

It's a beautiful day!

The weather is perfect and we SHOULD be out there clipping the two wethers for the upcoming show... but it is too big of a job for Erinn to do alone, and I haven't summoned up the strength yet to go help her. Mooky and Kris both feel worse, so they can't help either.
Rio wouldn't cooperate, but I got pictures of Velvet and Maggie this morning.

Here's Maggie:

Here's Velvet:
She might have twins after all. She is looking a lot bigger than just a week ago.

P.S. I was just kidding, ALEX!


legendaryabundance said...

OY! That belly's mind boggling! Poor thing - the look on her face say's it all. "I'm DONE!!"

Allie said...

Whatever, two-eyes. :)

Teresa said...

OMG - Maggie is really gonna explode!!!
And Velvet is not too far behind her!