Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NO headache!

For the first day in almost 4 weeks, I woke up without a headache! It was 3:50 am, and since the alarm was fixin' to go off I went ahead and got up. Started the coffee, stoked the fire, and headed to the barn with bottles.

We are "goat sitting" two does for two different people. One is a little LaMancha doe (Rainy) that got accidentally bred too soon right before we gave her to Erinn's friend (in trade for a future kid from Honey). She seems to be due anytime and they aren't going to be home much for the next couple weeks. This way we can keep a close eye on her for problems.

The other doe is a Boer who belongs to the guy that Mooky bought his show goat from. He said that this doe has kidded twice and wouldn't let the kids nurse either time. So, as soon as she kids, if I can't get her to accept them, he is taking her to the auction. He will give us one kid and keep the other.

We had 6 bottle babies until yesterday when someone came to buy three of the boys. YIPPEE!! More milk for us, and less time spent feeding kids.

With the cold front that moved in yesterday, I am expecting to get one or more phone calls today to let me know that Honey, Oatie, Star or Latte kidded last night.

Mooky has been feeling much better lately! We are catching up on schoolwork at last, much to his dismay. :o)

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