Sunday, January 27, 2008


Shows how much I know!
On Thursday I wondered if Oatie was even pregnant!! Tight ligaments, couldn't feel a baby, etc. I thought that if she WAS due anytime it couldn't be more than one. At least I got that last part right... she kidded Friday morning with a single tiny buckling. What a shame she didn't have a couple girls. :o( But, at least all went well and they are both doing fine.
On Friday I disbudded Pepper and Buckshot (Sprite's brother who belongs to the family that bought Belle.) Yesterday and today we are REALLY enjoying the sunshine and short sleeve shirt weather.
The only problem is that the pollen is blowing
off the trees in huge yellow CLOUDS.

In a HUGE effort to reduce the feed bill, LILY IS SOLD!!
All the extra buck kids are sold.
Six more chickens to butcher.
Four wethers to butcher.
Two doe kids to decide what to do with... (sell or keep.)
And THAT will be as far as I can reduce on animals for now.

Halcyon, I hope you find your camera soon so you can post more pictures on your blog!
Teresa and Rob of Galloping Winds Ranch have a blog now - check it out!

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