Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Erinn clipped Arkansas on Saturday...
And then the clippers wouldn't work when we tried to clip Mooky's goat on Sunday... so I thought maybe the blades were dull.
Switched blades.
Still wouldn't clip. Thought maybe that new guy we got to sharpen them must've done a sorry job.
Took BOTH sets of blades to town Monday and got the usual person to do it (she was unavailable last time)... got some alfalfa pellets while I was there, and sinus/cold/congestion type medicine and crawled the 30 miles back home.
Got home. Crashed on the couch.
Dragged myself off to go see if the clippers would work, so Mooky could start clipping.
They didn't work.
Oh no. Dragged myself back to the couch.
If Kris was feeling well he'd have had them running right already! As it is, I dont know WHAT we will do! That goat has GOT to be clipped (properly) by Thursday morning, because we have to drop them off at the fairgrounds that afternoon.
Thankfully the weather has been warm. The wind switched to the north this morning though, so I guess Maggie decided a cold front was all the signal she'd been waiting on!
Her udder is FULL!!! I don't expect kids any minute though because I can still feel her ligaments. Maybe tonight, or tomorrow. Or the next day. LOL
Starting to wonder WHAT this is that we have... 3 of us are starting to have stomach problems now, to add to the sinus pain/sinus pressure/head congestion/earache/sore throat/cough/chest pain.

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