Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What do I do now?

I've got 8 quarts of lovely broth...er soup. HELP! We don't even eat soup much because Kris doesn't really like it. I used to make chicken and dumplings, but I can't find a GF recipe for it that we like. There is way too much chicken and veggies in those jars to call it broth! LOL I guess that as far as problems go, this is a good one to have. It would be kinda boring to eat as is. But, what to add to it?

Maybe yall should all come over and eat a big huge giant pot of chicken soup!

A bad problem is when someone loses (hopefully didn't throw away) your 2007 calendar and now you don't know when any of the does are due! I have got to find that calendar! They are all due in January pretty much, but I really need exact dates in order to be able to watch closely for problems.

Check out Erinn's blog. She's got a new post!
How are you feeling Alex and Mum? Did anyone else there get sick? I hope we haven't spread it all over Texas. Mooky is getting sick. His cough is very dry sounding, unlike Erinn's, but it causes severe pain in his chest. Sore throat too.
Kris and I both feel fine, and Erinn is lots better but the pneumonia-sounding cough is lingering.


Teresa said...

Okay... I've been pondering your soup situation.

If potatoes are an option on a gluten-free diet, how about using some small chunks of potates in the broth. This will help thicken it. Add some green peas and maybe some shredded cabbage and onions. You will have something akin to very dense stew. If potatoes are out, how about cooking some cauliflower into the mix ... it will absorb the chicken taste and have a consistency similar to taters.

You could serve this up with some gluten-free type of biscuits, or over a slice of gluten-free toasted bread (like a giant crouton).

If you can find a biscuit recipe in your GF cookbooks, you might be able to get the soup hot and drop small balls of that GF batter right into the soup and still make chicken & dumplings. :)

Okay... now I'm hungry.

Teresa said...

GF dumplings!