Thursday, February 07, 2008


That makes 11 buck kids and only 5 doe kids sired by River this kidding season. :o(

Oatie - 1b
Latte - 2b
Star - 1b
Belle - 1b.....1d
Dana - 2b
Maggie 2b...1d
Rio - 1b.......2d
Velvet 1b.....1d

Kris' dad is having surgery today so we are headed up to the hospital. A friend from Harper came over last night (so that makes 2 people that don't think we are totally weird) and brought us a pot of soup to warm up today after we get home from Freds. THAT WAS SO NICE!!!
ETA: I was in a rush this morning, and I was thinking about how thankful I was not to lose any kids or does during kidding, but I didn't take the time to actually say it. So, yes, yall are right, everyone is healthy and all the extra buck kids are sold, so I am happy. :o)
AND, Grandpa came through his surgery well this morning. The doctor took the whole prostate and said that he was pleased with how everything looked and was confident he got all the cancer.


Teresa said...

Well... just think, it could have been 15 to 1. =:-o
That makes 1 out of 3 not so bad, huh? :)
Truly, you were blessed... all the kids are healthy, strong and beautiful, and the mother's are all doing well. 16 little blessings. :)
We will keep Kris' Dad in our prayers today.

legendaryabundance said...

What a healthy productive season! Congrats!!!! - Just think if those 5 does have more....its a great start :)