Monday, February 18, 2008

Murphy's Law

Queen of the Mountain!

Now that Kris can't work for awhile (which has NEVER happened before in all our 16+ years of marriage), Murphy has arrived for a visit.

So far, Murphy has broken, damaged, or destroyed the:
sewing machine
bosch mixer/blender
milk machine

and the tiller!

All is not lost, however! We can live without all of those things. Kris may well be able to fix most of them. And we can eventually order parts if necessary.
Today I got the potatoes planted because the tiller didn't die until Mooky got one whole long row tilled properly. YIPPEE!
And I sold 16 Maran eggs for $20 to a sweet Chinese lady.
Karen and Hannah came to pick up Oatie. They left Astro for awhile so she can have time to get bred. We sent Diamond home with them as a temporary companion to Oatie.

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