Sunday, February 17, 2008

this 'n that

Erinn milking Dana.

The new steps!

Historical Marker on the way to the cabin.

Ice, Bean, Mattie, Sprite. Little Piggies! It's all I can do to feed four at once, so I am getting them used to the black rubber nipples that go on the lambar bucket. As soon as I can pour 80 ounces in the bucket and let them have at it, I will be saving a lot of time since they eat four times a day! Eighty ounces is just for those four. Sasha drinks nearly 15 ounces 5 times a day. And we are "kid sitting" a little Boer orphan for Erinn's friend. His name is Bud, and since he is just a week old he only drinks 10 ounces 5 times a day. They are providing his milk though since we are rather short on the white stuff right now, due to the piggies in the pic.

Sasha and Bean eating separately from the others. Sasha is too small to compete, and Bean is a really slow eater, although he is quite strong.

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Teresa said...

So, what's the deal with the historical marker? Did I miss something???