Wednesday, March 05, 2008


This is Sonny. One of Maggie's triplet born in January. He was sold at 2 weeks old along with two other goat kids. He was then weaned from the bottle WAY too early, despite my instructions on how to properly raise a goat kid. The other two kids died of starvation and pneumonia, and Sonny was spotted by an amazing "coincidence". A lady I didnt even know saw him at his new home and after contacting me to see if I had any goats for sale, described this poor sick kid to me.
I asked her for the name of the people who had this sick starving kid, and when she told me I croaked, knowing it had to be one of our kids. The next day I drove to their house (with directions from the new friend!) and convinced them to sell him back to me. Considering he was at death's door, I guess they figured they'd love to have $50 for him! He weighed 14 pounds, while his brother and sister are getting close to FORTY POUNDS!!!

This is how he looked the day I picked him up.

This is how he spent 10 days. Either sleeping on a pallet or on Kris' lap, while his little body tried hard to adjust to having food again, as well as fighting off the pneumonia.

I took this picture a few days ago -
he is finally able to spend some time outside with the other kids!


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