Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dad's Banty

...otherwise known as The Storeroom Chicken. Kris fixed up a place for her to lay her eggs, and she is very happy there! As of today, she is officially broody. A very nice lady who knows of Erinn's interest in banties, gave her some fertile banty eggs. Some of them will be cochins!! So, tonight, as soon as I was SURE she was broody, I went out to the storeroom and put 6 of the new banty eggs under her, and left her one of her own eggs. That was about all she could cover. I'm sure she will be a better mama to the banty babies than those big clumsy Marans were.

This is Grasshopper sleeping in her favorite cabinet. Erinn gave her a soft sweater to sleep on and she is really happy in there. Whenever she gets tired, she toddles on over there for a nap. Thank goodness she doesn't want to be held all the time!

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