Saturday, March 15, 2008

Erinn and Rachel

Rachel on Thunder

Caleb on Susie

David and Rachel, on one of their recent visits.
We are really enjoying seeing the Beairds fairly often!

I am STILL having trouble getting up an hour earlier! I hate getting up at 5:30 because it puts me way behind on my chores, so today I got up earlier today. THREE A.M. Ooops! I thought it was 4:00 and I did NOT want to go back to sleep for just one hour because it would have been impossible to get up after that. So, I started the coffee since it takes an hour and a half to finish. I have cleaned that coffee pot ten times, including running vinegar through it in case it was a problem with hard water build up. Maybe I should just turn it on the night before so our coffee will be ready when we wake up.

We have had to go somewhere 4 days this week, which means I am WAY behind on laundry, gardening and house cleaning. I am SO happy to be staying home today to catch up. Someone is coming over to buy a goat, and another lady is coming to buy Maran eggs for hatching, and Granpa is coming as well, but we are staying home!!! Amazing how good that feels. :o)

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