Sunday, March 09, 2008


Sonny is becoming a NUISANCE so I know he is feeling lots better. He spent ALL DAY outside today. And he is getting ONE last chance to sleep in the house tonight. He's been sleeping in a crate in the kitchen with Sasha, but I have been leaving the crate door open. For the last THREE LONG NIGHTS he has cried at the kitchen gate for a bottle, all night long, or so it seemed! So, tonight I closed the crate door and covered it with a towel to make it dark in there. If he wakes me up more than once tonight he is going to the barn from now on.

Last Thursday after we got back from San Antonio, GB took us out to eat at Mamacita's! Oh boy were the kids excited. The closest we have come to "out to eat" in at least a year is "Amy's Gluten Free Frozen Dinners" from HEB! :o) Now I suddenly remember why we like Amy better than Mamacita. For one thing, Amy knows the meaning of gluten free and Mamacita's chef said "Gluten Free???? ... what's that?" So, we decided to just let Mooky order something that IS gluten free under normal circumstances. To make a long story short he has been extremely miserable for the last three days! Today was a bit better, and for that we are thankful. (BTW, all he ate was chips and salsa, and 3 tacos.)

We have some new neighbors! Actually, they have been there over a month, but we just finally saw them and figured out that we already knew them from 4-H. Their daughter is a year younger than Erinn and can be seen riding her horse along the fence line whenever she is home. She and Erinn like to ride together but it's kind of hard when there is a fence in between them. We invited her over here, but she isn't allowed to ride her horse along the road because it really is quite a long way from her driveway to ours. Thunder is trustworthy with traffic, so one day Erinn rode him down the road to their driveway. I went along on the four wheeler and we went down their long driveway to their house where I talked to the mom for a little bit. Erinn got to stay and ride for a while, but we are really hoping next time the girl will be allowed to come over here.
Kris is not feeling any better yet. He is running out of things to fix, so he's getting antsy. He was dying to pick up rocks (a never ending job) and dig up cactus today. But, he was hurting too bad to even consider it. Mooky was going to chop some of the cactus down, but he couldn't find the machete. Erinn did pick up a wagon load of rocks for him, and she will finish that one area tomorrow. Mooky did a good bit of tilling today. I cant wait until we can plant the garden! Oh, I forgot to say that Kris fixed the tiller! OCHD, right Mum? He had that thing in a thousand pieces and I don't know how he EVER got it back together.
I made a huge batch of peppermint soap today and the kitchen smells great. Last Friday I made some liquid soap for us to try either as shampoo or dish soap. Not sure which one it will work better on.
This time change is really messing me up!

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