Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday 5-5

This is the soap Tana made on Friday.

I took the girls to Johnson City yesterday at noon. Then Erich drove them to Hico. Today Mum will take them to EAST TEXAS!!! Such excitement - Erinn hasn't been to East Texas since she was a baby so she has no memory of where her beloved cousin Tana lives.

Kris went back to work today despite his back not being in good shape. We will just have to wait and see what happens with the insurance company as far as his needed surgery goes. With Kris and the kids gone, it is TOO QUIET around here! However, life is not dull. There is plenty to be done.

One of the banties in the barn hatched out a chick last night. So, I put her, her chick, and the two remaining eggs into the barn chicken cage to prevent any mishaps, such as a goat stepping on a chick. The mama with the 10 chicks is now the mama with the 9 chicks since one of hers got stepped on. They are doing good now - very fast and healthy so I am letting them all run free. The Storeroom Banty is STILL hanging in there trying to hatch out those guinea eggs. This makes approximately 42 days that she has been setting. The guinea eggs still need 6 more days or so, so I hope she doesn't give up!

Valley is due to kid tomorrow, although she is acting a little funny today. Her ligaments are not very loose yet, though. She is going to be a first freshener so I have no idea what is "normal" for her as far as kidding goes.

I sent the camera with Erinn and have needed it three times already!

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Your blog is so neat! Great homesteading posts!!! I loved looking through it. :)

Miss Jocelyn

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