Friday, May 02, 2008

Today Tana, Erinn, and I went to Kerrville for Erinn's doctor appointment.

We also went to the library and the river. The girls had an absolute BLAST!! They wished they had shorts, but made do with rolling their jeans up to their knees. Since I have to go back to the lab in Kerrville tomorrow I plan to take them swimming.

I forgot my camera, but Tana had hers! So, I took a lot of pictures of the girls together, and Tana took a lot more. I am going to post some of the ones I took, and let her put hers on the Golden Beamers blog.

The doctor had no clue what was wrong with Erinn and was ready to refer us to a GI doc, but I was able to convince him to try testing for Lyme, Giardia, and H. Pylori first. We will get test results next week.
Erinn felt fine mid day, but had a fever morning and evening. Tana and I made soap this evening right before we milked. Actually, Tana did most of it herself. Green Spearmint, Blue lemongrass, and purple PURPLE. The kitchen smells great!

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