Sunday, May 18, 2008

With Kris' surgery coming up in June sometime, we are trying to get ahead on school work and house work so I won't be posting much on weekdays, other than the occasional picture. We made REALLY good progress last week on math! Whew, it was a major breakthrough.
This week for Bible Memory we will be working on Psalm 37. I'm not sure how many verses we can memorize in a week, but we shall see...

Aileas is getting more and more laid back. She sat here and chewed her cud and wasn't at all worried about being used as a soft place to rest. :o)

Last Thursday Erinn and I were in the barn and we heard a hen come squawking out of the loft. I couldn't see where she had laid her egg, so I asked Erinn to climb up in there and look in the back for the nest that must be up there. She found a nest with about 8 eggs in it, and as she was handing them down to me she heard PEEPING! It took us 20 minutes to get all the hay out of the way and discover the peepsters. There was a banty hen with 8 newly hatched chicks, and 2 partially hatched chicks in a hidden nest. My oh my, was she unhappy to be discovered! But, all 10 chicks would have been dead within days if Erinn hadn't heard them as there was NO WAY they could have gotten out of the deep hole they were in. We got them all down to a pen, and the other 2 chicks finished hatching out. They are doing really well! Erinn is going to sell them because we don't need any more bantams.

The job that never ends...

Look what kind of potatoes we are growing! It's a new kind called Egg Potatoes. :o)

I wondered why that one little hen spent so much time in the garden!

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