Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Bird and A Fire

After church today we took Bean (the Texas Dahl Ram) and the logsplitter out to the cabin. On the way home we saw a small fire on the side of the road. We pulled over to try to put it out. It was breezy, so it was spreading quickly. When it was all over, 5 vehicles had pulled over to help and it had spread about 50 feet or so, and was heading off into a pasture. But, we got it out!
Then we stopped at Erinn's friend's house on the way home to pick up a beautiful gray cockatiel that she sold to Erinn. This little bird is super friendly! And what is really great, is that he LOVES Erinn. Very obviously prefers her to anyone in the house. His name is Buddy and I will post pics soon. He doesn't bite, or do anything mean, he just sings for Erinn if she isn't around.

Bryan was here for a visit last week,
and look who has outgrown his big brother!

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