Friday, June 06, 2008

Treasure Hunt

Here are the girls trying to decipher the Treasure Hunt clues.

It took me twice as long to come up with the clues then it did for them to complete the Hunt!

I thought I had made it pretty hard, but they later asked me why I made it so easy. :o)

This is just a random picture of Mooky.

It is SO HARD to get any pictures of him.

Gabby is staying with us for a few days and we are really enjoying it! Some of the things she says are so funny. "Hey! Look at those two cute little matching brown babies!" she said about Fancy's twins. I told her they were twins and she said "Like Sophie and Deet?" And I said yes, but both are girls. "Well, that's not like Sophie and Deet then!"

Gabby: Hey Rachel! I have four loose teeth!
Me: Cool! What will you do when they fall out?
Gabby: I don't know...
Me: Mooky and Erinn always sent their teeth to Lolo the Tooth Fairy.
Gabby: WHAT? (With an incredulous look on her face.)
Me: Do you think Lolo has a Tooth Fairy Wand?
Gabby: What for? So he can disappear? He doesn't need one. He can disappear any time he wants to by just driving away!!

Here's a funny from Tana: She and Erinn were sitting on the bench with about a thousand goat kids crowding around and I said "Wow!" To which she wisely replied, "No, they love the food they think I have."
Gabby was reading a book today about David and Goliath and I realized that she REALLY CAN READ!!! Oh my goodness!

Gabby and Zoe, enjoying a wagon ride, as much as you possibly can enjoy getting pulled over rocks until your teeth rattle! Come to think of it, maybe that is why Gabby has 4 loose teeth!

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