Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One more orphan...

...will put me over the edge. (20 of them is more than enough.)

I heard the blue jays (or scrub jays, as Mooky tells me they are) screeching loudly as I milked this morning. Then I saw Hannah walking over to investigate. Then the goats all started staring into the trees looking worried. So, I stopped milking and went out there and found Caddie terrorizing a baby bird. After several attempts to put the bird back in a tree where it's parents were squawking loudly, I gave up. It kept flying back to the ground where Caddie would try to attack it again. Caddie wouldn't let me catch her, so I brought the bird in the house and went back to finish milking.

Erinn was thrilled to have a bird as she has been interested in having one for quite a while! She got a cage set up and started researching what to feed it. It was jumping around in the cage screeching, and even flying some, when suddenly it keeled over dead. Poor little thing had a bloody hole in it's chest...

Ever since Erinn met Kaysee (Teresa and Rob's lovely conure) she has talked about getting a conure. Not a bad idea, but definitely something we need to wait on awhile and see how much of an interest she really has. She is doing some research on birds - what they need to eat, and how they need to be housed, etc. Kaysee spends LOTS of time out of her cage, and that is what really intrigues Erinn.

Mooky was SURE this wasn't a baby scrub jay, and it turns out he was right! Tim identified it as a warbler for me. I guess the jays were just terrorizing Cattie on general principle...

Here's Gabby holding the frog we found in one of the water buckets.
Mooky told her it might pee on her, so she was trying to position it just right in her hand. :o)

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