Thursday, June 19, 2008


Zoe and Buddy (Before the Attack of the Tree)

Aahhhh, the joys of taking a little one shopping with you!

Today we pulled up to the resale shop in Fredericksburg and Zoe said, "Is this the Pink Bandaid Store?"

I had told her earlier I would buy her pink bandaids for the huge scratch on her face that she got from a tree branch.

We went inside and she said, "Oh! Look at the cute kitty!" (Stuffed.)

"Look at that cute dress!"

"Look at that cute chair!" (Ugly, brown, but small.)

"Do they have Pink Bandaids here?"

"Hey! Look at that cute little lady!" (A mannequin who had no legs below the knee.)

And so on. We got the third degree about her scratch at the front counter.

Then we went to the feed store. "Is this the Pink Bandaid Store?"

"Oh! Look at that cute cat! Can I pet it?" (This was a real one.)

"Look at those cute chicks!"

I was starting to wonder if the feed bags were going to be the next "cute" thing.

At the next resale shop (I was looking for a used electric range) she again said "Is this the Pink Bandaid Store?"

Finally we got to WalMart and of all things they didnt have pink bandaids!! The closest we could get was rainbow bandaids.

A LOT of people stared rudely at Zoe's scratched face and gave me dirty looks or curious looks. Like I'm really going to beat the kid, then parade her through WalMart!?! Good grief - hasn't anyone ever had a kid get hurt? It does happen on occasion.

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