Thursday, August 14, 2008

Praise the Lord! Susan's surgery went well and the doctor feels confident he got all the cancer. You can read the update here. We're praying that she will have a smooth recovery and that the whole family will feel the Lord's peace as they go through this difficult time.

Kris' back doctor feels that he should hold off on working for a while longer so we are in "waiting mode" again. We aren't sure what will happen next or when we will move. We had two families look at the house on Monday of this week, but haven't heard back from them yet.

It feels VERY strange to have so few animals here. Teresa is goat sitting the 4 wethers for us, and she took two of the orphan kids to her wonderful neighbor. She also has Glory, which completes our trade agreement for Aileas. So, there went 7 goats right there! Then Virginia got Belle and a few chickens. Mum got Hannah and a whole slew of chickens. Dr. D came and picked up his orphans which were old enough to wean.

PJ has some new friends that are coming to eat the green grass in front of the house every evening. There are 3 whitetail does. Two are yearlings, and one is a doe who just had a fawn. She is skin and bones, so I have taken pity on her and started putting out corn and alfalfa pellets every evening while I am milking. The goats are in the barn for about an hour, then I let them all out and they go help the deer finish off any feed that is left. I will have to get some pictures soon.

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