Friday, August 15, 2008

We EXpect what we INspect.

We EXpect what we INspect.

Mum sent "us girls" a link to the great article above, and it is wonderful! It's not just for little kids, but is great to keep in mind for your big kids too. (And it's a good reminder to me to be a good example in this area.)

My kids are SICK AND TIRED of the phrase "Do it right, or do it twice." They have heard it over and over since they were little!

Here you go: A pic of one of our many disaster zones. Erinn was looking for something that had already been packed. I need to quit taping boxes up!

This is the kind of SIMPLE SUPPER (GF of course!) that my poor family has to suffer through. I guess I get the Mean Mother award for not giving them frozen dinners or Hamburger Helper!! (OK, I confess that I occasionally wish there was a GLUTEN FREE/Soy Free/MSG free substitute for an easy quick inexpensive meal!)

And I definitely get some kind of demerit for running out of eggs! This is the last one. This hasn't happened in 4 years. I am going to have to buy what passes for eggs tomorrow at the grocery store. So, if any of yall happen to be in HEB in Kerrville and you hear a loud SCREAM from the egg area of the store, you'll know it's me! :o)

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