Friday, August 22, 2008

What a Mother Must Sacrifice...

Another great fwd from Mum -

What a Mother Must Sacrifice...


A day in the life... said...

oh Rachel I LOVE holy experience! seriously it's like the one blog I subscribe to... almost every day it's *exactly* what I needed.

anyway, just had to say we love and are going to miss you all so very very much (and we don't even *live* here - LOL! :) I know God is leading you and am excited to see the new adventures and things to stretch and teach you out there in the land with no rocks. You are an amazing family!!
much love to all
ohh and the goat yogurt was so good! (according to James - i'm on a special diet right now so he slurped it down in front of me literally licking his lips the entire time.. this diet of no dairy is haha! :)

FourMileFarm said...

The land with no rocks - LOL. I was teasing the kids yesterday about 3 big rocks that were at the corner of the house. "We better take those rocks with us! Put them in the trailer." They hadnt thought about there not being a huge ROCK PROBLEM in E.Tx.
I'm SO sorry we didnt get to see yall before we left - we have been praying for each of you daily, and wishing there was more time. I was so happy to watch Virginia's goats so that I'd have all that milk to send to you! I have tonight and tomorrow morning's milk to figure out what to do with still... YIKES! That is way more milk than I was counting on, so I am really glad that yall like goat milk. :o) Send James out here by noon tomorrow and I will have 2 more gallons ready to go!! :o) (Like yall dont have anything better to do than traipse around the country after goat milk!)
I know that this is a hard time for yall, but yall are such an inspiration to us on how to weather a storm. We already cant wait to move back to the Hill Country to be around family again and see yall as often as possible.