Saturday, September 06, 2008

We've moved.

I don't know if I will be able to post pictures or not - I'll have to ask Kiwi since I am using her computer! I dont know if we will be able to get our own internet service here, or if we will need to wait until we get our own place.

Anyway, we are here and all settled into the travel trailer. The goats are in pens in the day, and in the barn at night for now. Eventually Rowdy will be filling the barn with hay so we will need to come up with a goat shelter before then.

We are getting plenty of milk from Maggie and Rio, but we sure do miss having our own eggs from our own chickens. Thanks Mum and Gabe for taking care of the chickens for us!

Mooky has gotten glutened twice, through no fault of his own. We all slacked off and havent been as careful as we should be. It seems that each time he is glutened, the reaction is more and more severe. Scarily severe this last time. We are taking him to "Doc" on Monday. (Kiwi's wonderful doctor that she has been going to for a long time.)

Mooky has been too sick to play with Dalton much, but Tana and Erinn are having a blast. Of course. They are having their joint birthday party tomorrow at Boss and Ma's house. (Rowdy's parents.) They are going to make a GF cake and swim in the pool! I'm sure Kiwi will be posting pictures.

We miss you all - all of you who we are farther away from now. We are in culture shock. :o) Really missing home and family and enjoying being near the family here all at the same time.

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