Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tuesday Trip

On Tuesday we were planning to take Mooky to Hico for the first leg of his trip to go to roping camp with Rowdy and Dalton, but he got sick and couldn't go. I had planned to deliver some goats to a lady and meet her at Teresa and Rob's house as well as pick up a bunch of stuff we left in Hico, so Erinn and I went without Mooky.
We picked Gabby up at 7:15am in Johnson City and made it to Teresa's house by 9. Gabby LOVED seeing all the animals there. She told Teresa "it's like a zoo!" :)

This is "Moony" of Galloping Winds Ranch.

He is SO cute!

He came up and sniffed at my fingers,

but wouldn't quite let me pet him since he doesn't know me.

After our visit to Galloping Winds Zoo we went on to Hico and found that Gabe had managed to get Darlin' loaded! She wasn't too pleased about that. Gabe brought her to our house that afternoon and Darlin' is now in for the shock of a lifetime. Erinn is going to be riding her quite frequently! Mooky even rode her yesterday and did a great job, just bareback.

These are Gabe's little tillers.

Gabby is a photographer! She took this picture of Erinn in the truck.

And Erinn took this picture of Gabby in the truck.

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