Sunday, December 21, 2008

December Kerr Market Days

We had a really great day yesterday selling soap in Kerrville! We sold twice as much soap as last month and not only that but we bartered for Christmas gifts for the kids. So, rather than spending money which can be really hard to come by, we "spent soap". :o) The kids have NO IDEA about this as we did it when Rob and Mooky went to pick Erinn up from GB's house. (And they rarely read this blog, so as long as I keep them away from it for a few more days and nobody spills the beans, the secret is safe.) Selling soap at the Fredericksburg Trade days turned out to be a waste of time and money and we didn't even sell enough to cover the booth fee or gas. Rats.
We even had some repeat customers from last month! We gave out a lot of business cards and sold 3 of Kris' Washer Toss Game Boards! Mooky sold 2 of his tomahawks and Erinn sold two bars of soap. She hadn't made anything to sell this month - those 2 bars were just leftover from last month. She is feeling much better finally. Hasn't had to take anything for pain since Friday morning. Thanks GB for taking such good care of her Friday and Saturday! She really enjoyed spending the night with you and sleeping in the famous Miracle Bed.
As always, we enjoyed Teresa and Rob's company and help so much and we really appreciate them! I think they kinda got the short end of the stick, having to drive all the way down here, and work all day for nothing but sandwiches and leftovers... but they didn't complain. :o) Thanks very much to both of you!
Susan sent me a great link for $5 dinners, a lot of which are gluten free! And from that link I found another gluten free blogger with some good recipes, one of which is for a GF cranberry lemon loaf that I bet Mooky would love. Thanks Susan! And thanks so much for loaning us the extra table yesterday!
Mooky is going to be baptized today!!

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