Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Well, darn. My right hand girl has broken her right arm and is feeling miserable. Poor thing, the pain FINALLY kicked into high gear last night and we had to bump her up to an adult dose of ibuprofen. It took the edge off, but that is about it, so I am going to call the doctor to see about getting something stronger today. I can't believe the doctor didn't even wrap it in an ace bandage! Just the sling is all she has, so I will ask about that today as well. I think that something to immobilize the arm a little better would be helpful.
Mooky's back is still tender, but he is a lot better. He is a HUGE help to me in so many ways, but not with soap and not with goats! :) He was such a blessing yesterday - he got all the house chores done by himself while we spent the day in town with Erinn. He told a couple of people who called that "Erinn's arm is broken and she is so tough that she didn't even cry!"
Kris has started labelling and wrapping the soap that we need to get ready for this weekend, so that has been a huge help! Well, we've got a LOT to get done today, tomorrow and Thursday, so I better start NOW.


A day in the life... said...

OH RACHEL!!! I had no idea you were having such a rough week! :( Please give our love & prayers to Erinn ~ she is one tough cookie!

Please let us know if you need help before Saturday - please!!

Praying you sell TONS of stuff!!!
Susan for all

FourMileFarm said...

Thanks for the prayers Susan!
Erinn may be staying with GB while we sell soap if she is still hurting alot.