Friday, January 09, 2009


Oh my goodness... what will they come up with next?

We got the 3 show wethers dropped off at the fairgrounds yesterday. Mooky loaded the truck for me, and put stuff BESIDE the truck for me... and guess what? I drove off without the goat coats and the buckets! So, we had to make do with one bucket, which was no big deal. We fed them out of it, then cleaned it out and put their water in it. And thankfully, it was not going to be a really cold night, so we didnt need the coats after all. Whew! With their SHORT haircuts they can get cold very easily, but with all the animals in that big barn they stayed warm enough.

Bomber and Honky both weigh 78 pounds, so they will be in the same class. I didn't get a weight on Pirhana so will have to wait and check the class listings when we arrive there this morning. Hopefully he was at least a few pounds different than the other two or we'll have to find someone to show him for us.

The Superintendant said that Erinn can use a short lead rope, or a halter "or whatever she wants to!" So, that will enable her to lead the goat on either side of her body without ever once having to use her broken arm. Yay!

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