Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Harvesting Rock

It was cold and windy this morning!

We had some good helpers as we worked on our yearly rock harvest! Actually, it is an ongoing job, and there is no end to it. If we could sell rock, we'd be rich. Or as Dalton said, if we could eat rocks, we could save an awful lot of money! Before I put new batteries in the camera, Mooky did a whole lot of tilling, in both sections of the garden. After that, he was incapacitated by stomach problems so I didn't get any pics of him. We are going to plant potatoes in two different sections, hoping that they will grow well in at least one place.

This is about the extent of the attention Darlin' gets lately. No one but Erinn wants to ride her very much, and poor Erinn CAN'T ride her! According to her 4 week check up, her arm is healing wonderfully well, but she shouldn't ride for 4 more weeks. She doesn't have to wear the sling anymore, unless she is playing outside - just as a reminder not to overdo it with that arm.

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