Friday, January 30, 2009


THANKS TO ERINN for uploading these pictures to the blog for me!

In the last few days I've been:
peed on
pooped on
stepped on
sat upon
birthed upon
fallen on
squirted on
spit on
drooled on
...and hay, poop and dirt stuck to every single wet patch on me. And not only that, but some of that hay is sharp!! It hurts, darnit.

Mooky took one look at me and said "Please don't tell me any gross details, Mama." LOL Who, me? Gross details? Surely not.

On Wednesday Sprite kidded with a single buck kid. And right before that happened I took a picture of Mattie with a round thing on her head and then lost my camera.

Yesterday, after a LONG hard labor which failed to progress... and... lots of gory details... and calls to Teresa and the Vet and Teresa calling her friend John... Maggie had triplets. (That was the extremely short version, BTW.)

Maggie's girl.

Just a few of the supplies I had in the barn during the "Great Save".
Maggie very nearly died and one of the kids too...

OK, my time is up. I've got to get some sleep.


Allie said...

Ahaha! I'm with Mook on that one! None of the gross details... :P

Montana said...

Goldilocks for Maggie's girl

Montana said...

How about Oreo for Sprite's boy?