Monday, January 19, 2009


I decided to take pics of the kids all dressed up for church yesterday morning.

Girls posing nicely...

Boys being boys...

Girls posing nicely...

Boys being boys... :D

After church I took Tana and Dalton to Marble Falls where we met Mum, who then took them to Buffalo. Kiwi and Rowdy met her in Buffalo and took the kids the rest of the way home. I bet they were sick of being on the road after that!

On my way back from meeting Mum I stopped in Johnson City and picked up Zoe!
Zoe vs. the Animals
It's very interesting how all animals KNOW the difference between a small child and a larger child or adult. A rooster who has never caused any problems tried to attack Zoe, but I caught him in the act and he stopped before he made contact. Chicken soup for lunch tomorrow!
And Liberty, who NEVER barks at visitors has been barking madly at Zoe every time she steps out the door. She won't get anywhere near Zoe and doesn't act agressive - just barks a warning that there is a very small invader on the property! I tried to get Liberty to come meet Zoe, but Hannah very carefully kept in between Liberty and us, so that didn't work out very well. So, we've gone outside 4 or 5 times today to let Liberty get used to her, and she is not barking near as much now.
Annie (Erinn's new cat) has been spending her days outside getting to know the animals, and enjoying exploring. She really doesn't seem to like strangers, but she walked right up to Zoe meowing loudly!
Scarlett, Sassafras, Rio, and Saphire say "Don't get near me, you small child!"
Mattie, Maggie and Sprite say "Aaah...we love all this attention."
Zoe says "You're a beautiful goat. I like you."

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Allie said...

The kids are beautiful!!! :D I'd forgotten I could be reading your blog. :) Now I will be! I didn't know Mook had Darlin', that's cool! He looks really good on her.

Love y'all!!! I'll call you Saturday! <3