Thursday, January 22, 2009

Zoe's 80's glasses

Today the toilet overflowed in our bathroom and no one noticed for a LONG time! I finally heard water running and went to see what it was. OH MY. There was so much water that it came through to the OTHER bathroom! A long time ago we tore up half the carpet in our bathroom, because we thought it was really stupid to have carpet around a toilet!! Thank goodness we did that... but there was so much water that it made it over to the part of the floor with carpet. I've had a fan blowing on it all day and it is still soaked. I used every towel in the house to try to soak up as much water as I could, but it is still soaked! Aaaagh! Maybe it's time to tear up the rest of that carpet...

Thanks for all the onions Gabe - I got them planted this afternoon! And Mooky hauled 9 huge wheelbarrow loads of fertilizer (aka "that stuff in the barn") out to the garden for me. We are going to work on that daily for awhile so that it will have time to break down before we begin planting.

Zoe "making pancakes" - I gave away all the little kid toys months ago, (I really should've kept some) and so all she has to play with is a lego horse, a stuffed mouse, and whatever pots and pans she can scrounge up. She sure does have a good imagination because she has not played with the mouse and the horse very much at all.
Erinn made these hilarious glasses for Zoe.

Despite the bathroom incident, we had a really good day. Enjoyed all the sunshine and warm weather. Got all our school work done, and the house clean.

Maggie is starting to really not want to walk around much - dont know if she is hurting, or just "full of babies" and miserable. Since she is the herd leader, all the goats are staying pretty close. Sometimes they wander off a little ways, but she doesn't even get up, so they come back.

Liberty has gotten used to Zoe finally! So has Annie - she'll let Zoe pet her out on the deck, or wherever she finds her.

Erinn's arm is healing well!

We are finally starting to get 3 or 4 eggs a day from the Not Marans. The six eggs on the left are from Mum, 5 of which are from Real Marans. The six eggs on the right are from our Not Marans that Mooky paid a whole lot of money for. He ordered them from Ray Valetine in Florida and should have received chicks that grow up to lay very dark colored eggs. Grrr. Not light brown. And CERTAINLY NOT GREEN!!!

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Allie said...

Aww. How cute! That's really annoying about the water. I' unhappy. So what happened with East Texas, exactly? I got a little bit of it from Mook the last time I talked to him.. but didn't really understand it.