Friday, February 13, 2009


Halcyon brought Gabby to us on Thursday, and we have been having a great time! In the daylight hours that is... the night hours were a little.... um.... wakeful. Poor Gabby woke up every hour or so crying. In the morning she told me she was having lots of bad dreams, and her throat hurt. She's had a runny nose and lots of sneezing too, so I guess Halcy just wanted to share the love! LOL - just kidding. :o) It seems to be allergies as Erinn and I also got a sore throat this afternoon, and Mooky and I had headaches this morning.

I did take a nap this afternoon when I was supposed to be doing school. So, we were still doing math at 7pm. But, Mooky was feeling really good with no brain fog, so we decided to get 'er done despite how late it was.

Erinn has not been feeling that great. Sometimes she is really pale and fatigued. Sometimes she is nauseous, though nothing major since she got off gluten. Sometimes she feels fine. Confusing.

Hopefully Gabby will sleep better tonight. I prayed with her before bed and afterwards she said "Nice prayer!" Funny girl.
When we saw that she had lost her first tooth Kris asked her if the tooth fairy brought her anything, and she said with a giggle, "No, but Mama took my tooth to the tooth fairy for me. He's my grandfather. Lolo likes to be the tooth fairy."

It seems that we have another mean rooster. Out of the 4 that we have left, I had decided to butcher 2 more since we still seem to have too many for the 12 or 13 hens we have. One of the two roosters that is on my hit list started running at Gabby today. So, I found a big stick for her and let her chase him around for about 10 minutes. She never could get close enough to hit him, but she scared him into leaving her alone! Tired herself right out too... heh heh. Ulterior motives there. She thought it was great fun, and could barely run for all the laughing she was doing.
I did take pictures today, and hopefully will get them posted tomorrow.

With this weather it's hard to believe we might still get another freeze. It's so tempting to start planting! But, I better not. For the first time ever I am starting plants inside because Mum gave me a pot maker. I'm running out of places to put the little pots... I have over a hundred, which really isn't all that many. I bet Gabe has a thousand. (?) :o)

Today we got the largest garden area disked. (Disced?) We got an old disc from the auction years ago, and it's the perfect size to pull behind the four wheeler. We are planning to plant sudan there for the goats to eat.

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