Friday, February 27, 2009


This is what my seedlings look like now - a week after PJ nibbled them down to nothing and pulled them out by their roots.

I replanted all the ones he pulled out, and put up an elaborate barricade to keep him off my side of the deck. He can have his side. That's where he eats, because the goats don't really let him get much of their feed. And for some reason, he will only get up on the deck by using the kitchen side steps. He could easily get up using the other steps, but he never has. Yet. Wait until he sees all those juicy seedlings growing over there!

It's 90 degrees today!!
And those tough old roosters can't be eaten unless they are boiled for at least an hour.
I made some tamales with the last rooster, and Mooky really liked them.
So, rather than heat up the house, I put my "pot of rooster" out on the deck to cook on the electric burner. Not only does it save propane, but it keeps the house cooler.

Kris took the kids fishing today and they had a great time!

I forgot to send the camera along, so you will have to be content with this picture taken while Kris was replacing the rotten platform in the boat.

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