Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Oh Boy...

I was going to meet Halcyon in Fredericksburg today but she called me to say it wouldn't really work out well for her to do it today after all. Which was really fine with me because I can do it whenever is convenient for her. Considering that she has 4 little ones, it's a lot harder to her to work that out than it is for me. Since I was really needing groceries I was thinking I'd just go get them in Kerrville and that would be a good chance to stop by to check on GB who just had foot surgery.
I started getting ready to go at noon - bottle baby little Johnny (aka Paquito) must be fed, Sprite must be milked because she has too much milk to wait until evening, lunch must be fixed, etc, etc. During all this Erinn started to have a melt down and Kris offered to go get the groceries for me! I'm sure he thought that'd be easier than dealing with the many things needing to be done here!! LOL - no, just kidding. He did it out of the goodness of his heart. And since he'll be in town anyway he thought of a couple more places he could put in an application.
Erinn has been nauseous off and on again like she was for months on end last year. And has been acting puny all day, so we've decided to take her off gluten for a month to see if it helps her any. She hopes it won't help because she LOVES her pasta every single day. And she doesn't care for GF pasta.
NAME GAME: I had a list of all the wonderful ideas that were emailed to me regarding names and I LOST it in an illegal shutdown procedure.

So, instead of rounding up all those names again, I will just tell you the names we picked.

Four Mile Golden Treasure
for Maggie's girl, and we'll call her Treasure.
Erinn will call her Vanilla. :o)
Four Mile Something Sparrow for Rio's girl.
Still need some help with the Something part. ;o)

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful suggestions! There will be more babies coming so we might still use some of those names. One doe is due this month, and the last two are due in May.

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