Monday, February 23, 2009


On Saturday we ran into our neighbor (the one who is directly next to us, with a horse that Darlin' likes to hang out with) at the auction. She was buying some chickens, and she told me about a bobcat that she had recently shot as it sat on top of her dove cage trying to figure out how to get in...

That dove cage is just out of sight in the trees across the fence line!

Then she told me that they now have two dogs (not sure what breed, but not LGDs) and yesterday her two dogs came over here for a visit when she was not home. Hannah was in La-La Land, as usual and didn't even notice a thing. She never realized we had intruders. Liberty, on the other hand... ran at them furiously barking and they backed off a little. Then she ran back to her goats who were on the other side of the house. Rather than attacking the dogs, she chose to stay with the goats. Kris shot at them with the BB gun, just to scare them and they went back home. Liberty stayed on full alert right next to the goats and Hannah continued on with her nap.

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