Saturday, March 07, 2009

And the winner is......

Ooops, with all that has been going on I forgot about picking a name for the soap! Thanks for all the entries - Fran just entered a name today, so she reminded me. :)
No Kiwi, you don't get 6 bars unless I pick all 6 of your names. Ha! And I can't fit 6 names on one label.
And there is a slight problem: I made this soap for a SOAP SWAP that Erinn and I are participating in, and only have the exact number of bars that I need, so the winner is going to have to wait patiently until I can make some more! I am out of cocoa so I can't make another batch until I get some.
Soap Swaps are a wonderful way to get some new labeling and packaging ideas and learn from the pros! I can't wait to see all the wonderful soaps!

So, here are the entries:

Mint Chocolate Medly
Mint Chocolate Delight
Chocolate Mint Rhapsody
Don't Eat It, Just Smell It!
Chocoholics Delight
Stress Buster Deluxe
Double chocolate Truffle
Winter Mint Chocolate Chunk

Well, actually, we all liked one of the names an awful lot, but we're going to change it just a bit because you are supposed to do more with soap than just smell it...
Don't Eat It! is the grand prize winner. And the grand prize is a trailer load of rocks, a Nubian wether who needs to be bottle fed real milk for 6 more weeks, and last, but not least, a bar of "Don't Eat It" which I haven't even made yet. But I will. I promise!
The reason we liked this name so much is that at the shows we always had to tell people not to eat it. :)

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