Monday, March 02, 2009

He just died.

See this little cutie?
NO, not her! She is mighty cute. But, it's the little one I am talking about.
He just died.

I am NOT kidding!

I have NEVER had this happen before.

I waited longer than usual to disbud him and his sister because my back has been really hurting for a week. They were still small enough to fit into the disbudding box, and their horns had not grown too much to fit into the iron.
So, I did Little Sister (Vanilla) first, and it went fine. She went running off to mama.
Then I put Paquito in the box.
I did one side and he screamed and freaked more than usual, but there is always the one kid every year who hates it more than all the rest. I sprayed that side with the furall which comes out ice cold and helps cool things down. Then I waited about half a minute because he was still thrashing around and screaming. I know the iron was plenty hot, and I did not hold it on there too long. So, then I started doing the other side.... and he totally freaked. I've never had a kid thrash so hard. Maybe he hurt his neck. But, I was able to get a good copper colored ring anyway and he fell down inside the box, hanging by his neck. I jerked open the lid and got him out and he was stiff like he was having a seizure. Not breathing, heart not beating.
I banged on his chest a little bit, and then blew into his mouth and nose. He took a deep breath and his heart started beating super fast and he started taking fast short breaths.
To make a long story short, he seems fine now.
He drank his bottle about 5 minutes later.

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Teresa said...

Is he doing okay now? No residual effects?
Poor little guy.... talk about having a BAD day!