Friday, March 06, 2009

Teresa has blogged about the drought in Texas and it is a really good read!

And here is a map:
Our phone line was dead from last night until after lunch, but thankfully the problem was not in the house so we didn't have to pay for the fix! And it's now working again.

Last night we got two orphans from a neighbor down by the river. Tonight we got a third one from her. They are all 3 little boys. Boer/Spanish crosses. This evening when she called me she told me she had a doe who was kidding but was having problems. The poor doe had a kid with it's head out, and no feet, so it was stuck. She ran away from us though, so I couldn't help her. The kid is probably dead, and the doe will probably die. Some predator might get her in the night. There are at least a thousand acres there. I told her to call me in the morning if the doe was still alive and I would come try again. Ugh - that was an awfully sad thing to see and not be able to do anything about!
On a happier note, we got the three little boys soon enough to be able to save them. They are drinking from a bottle quite greedily!
I locked up ALL 6 of our Nubian kids after milking tonight so that I will be able to get plenty of milk in the morning for the orphans.

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Teresa said...

Thanks for the mention!!! And for the map link - I added it to my drought post. Great info!