Friday, March 20, 2009


Well, it's the orphans' fault. They tend to get hungry 5 times a day. I found a home for 2 orphans - anyone want to relieve me of about 4 more? They are Boer crosses, wethers, disbudded. It would sure be nice to have a little milk for US again!
And it's the chicks fault. They keep hatching out, and needing food and water, and a box with a heat lamp.
And it's the camera's fault. It doesn't seem to be on speaking terms with the computer. I've got lots of great pictures! I just can't download them.
And it's the virus' fault - Erinn has been sick since Sunday. REALLY sick - a fever every day and no energy to do anything but lay around. Mooky and I havent been feeling great either - but just a low grade fever off and on so far.
And, we will have a booth in Kerrville on the 28th, so I have been very busy getting ready for that - in between sick kids, hungry kids (both kinds), school, house cleaning, milking goats twice a day, gardening, and all the usual chaos!

So, there you go. That's my (partial) list of excuses for not posting on a regular basis.

Kris got a job!! He had orientation yesterday and today, but other than that, he doesnt have an actual start date yet. It sure doesnt pay much, and it's at WM - blick. But, anything is better than nothing!! So, we are thankful. A friend told me last night that there is a new opening at the hospital for someone who knows how to operate a forklift, so Kris applied online for that job last night. It would be a much better paying job, so please be praying about that!

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